Take-off and land from anywhere

No need to rush to the airports - take-off and land just outside your doorstep.

Travel with speed

Fly as fast as a F1 racing cars – at greater heights.

Travel comfortably, luxuriously

Luxury in the sky, where others just fly.



The first hybrid-electric business jet

  • Fully electric during take-off/landing and flights over urban areas.
  • Conventional diesel turbofan engine propulsion during high altitude and outside cities cruise.


Vertical take-off and landing

  • Door-to-door air travel, independent of airport.
  • Time saved/gained: 2.5 hours per trip.


Fast, comfortable and luxurious

  • High speed: up to 460 miles per hour.
  • Comfortable and luxurious cabin.


Low CO2 emission, fuel economic

  • Less CO2 emission due to hybrid electric propulsion and hybrid turbofan diesel engine.
  • Refuel at fuel stations.


Safe transition to cruise and landing mode

  • Smooth and safe transition from vertical to horizontal flight and vice versa.
  • Cruise engines act independently from vertical engines below stall speed.