SAMAD’s Starling Jet aircraft will combine a helicopter’s ability to take off and land from almost anywhere, with the speed and range of a private jet. The Starling Jet will reduce total travel time by utilising locations that are much closer to the customer’s point of departure and destination, including remote locations. The Starling Jet will be a 6 to 9 seat, fixed-wing, composite- built passenger aircraft with full VTOL capability combined with the speed and range of a conventional business jet. It will carry a single pilot and up to 9 passengers at a cruising speed of some 460 mph. With its initial ability to transport passengers ‘helipad-helipad’ it will avoid the need to travel to and from airports. The Starling Jet will be competitive with faster conventional aircraft, including helicopters and small / medium business jets. Both the e-Starling and the Starling Jet will rely on electric propulsion for take-off and landing, but they will also have diesel/Kerosene/Biofuel-powered generators which will enable increased range and speed versus an all-electric propulsion system. SAL expects to take market share in both the helicopter and business jet sectors with the Q-Starling, e-Starling and the Starling Jet. The Starling Jet will initially be targeted at business customers and should cost approximately 12.0M USD (2020 values).