Air travel today is not simply about jumping on to an airplane. It means taking a taxi to the airport – going through all the security checks and waiting rooms before accessing the plane – and, finally, actually flying to the destination. As soon as the plane lands, the same process is applied in reverse.

Every day, people around the globe lose millions of hours due to operations that are time-consuming and inefficient. All too frequently, this loss of time results in a huge number of missed opportunities, reduced productivity and increased stress.


Now, imagine you are a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who wants to escape San Francisco’s foggy weather for a day and meet up with some friends in Los Angeles for a couple of hours.

Thanks to the four hours saved on the two-way journey in your Starling Jet, you can leave San Francisco in the early afternoon – after a lovely meal with your family – spend your evening and have dinner in Los Angeles – then come home right on time to tuck the kids into bed.
Or, picture yourself in your head office in Rome. You are getting your usual early morning coffee when you receive a phone call. Your salesman in Stockholm says the prospect with whom you have been negotiating for a long time is willing to close the deal, but it is expected that you will be there.
Therefore, you leave your office, cancel lunch, enter the elevator and start to ascend. Once you’re on the roof of the building, you quickly jump into your Starling Jet and three and a half hours later you land at your customer’s headquarters, right on time for lunch. You close the deal – fly all the way back – and you arrive at your office in time for your final meeting of the day.
What today looks impossible will be normal with a Starling Jet, saving a total of six hours on a two-way journey such as this, when compared to a traditional flight, allowing you to access a new world of opportunities.

Starling Jet’s door-to-door human air transportation presents a unique combination of features: being safer than a car, completely flexible, as eco-friendly as an electric vehicle, less time consuming than any plane or train and as luxurious as a private jet, at less than half of its operating cost. e-Starling and Starling Jet will change the way you see the world and how you view your opportunities. What once seemed impossible will become routine.
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