Only from the heart can you touch the skies.

Know-how/Trade secrets

Samad Aerospace has gained strategically important know how about propulsion system and optimised flight control strategy. Over 10,000 pages of technical reports have been generated as a result of more than 100,000 engineering man-hours of work.

Patent and design rights

  • 1 Utility: Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) propulsion system on blended wing body (BWB) passenger aircraft (European Patent Corporation Treaty).
  • 2 Design: Vehicle configuration of two-in-one air-and-ground vehicle unit (UK Intellectual Property Office).
  • 3 Utility: Power management (battery packs) on two-in-one air-and-ground vehicle unit (UK Intellectual Property Office).

Global Partnership

Strategic regional partnership insures the world wide protection for Samad Aerospace intellectual property. Forming economies of scale Enhancing competitiveness Dividing risks Setting new standards for technology Entering new markets Overcoming the competition in a market Acquiring new skills and resources Often, when companies co-operate on a project, they exchange skills that are not for sale. Typically, one partner possesses technological expertise and the ability to keep abreast of rapidly evolving technological developments. What that partner needs from the other partner or partners is capital, large distribution systems, marketing expertise, service networks and credibility in the marketplace. Each partner therefore provides the other with vital resources and uses the partnership to extend its skill set into new areas.


  • Leadership in aerospace technology

  • Achieving high-tech industries

  • Major scientific improvement

  • Job creations

  • Economical and political benefits

  • Global collaboration

  • Steps toward Vision 2030


  • Low emissions – Use of higher of gas turbines, but to burn sustainable fuels such as Bio-Diesel, or possibly Hydrogen.
  • Quiet- Electric-only flight over urban areas. Electric ducted fans run more quietly and completely emission-free compared to normal jet engines.


  • Become the national pride for being among the world leaders of high-tech aerospace industries.
  • Encourage a platform for young nationals to engage in high skilled education and careers in aerospace industry.


  • Being ahead of regional competitors through engagement with a strong partner in development of next-generation aircraft.
  • Introducing to the world’s innovative disruptive tech-entrepreneurs as the emerging Silicon Valley of the Middle East.


  • Feed into the knowledge-based economy and capture the market of $1.5 trillion.
  • Create a new aerospace manufacturing sector with increased revenue.


  • Starling Cargo only has one known competitor in China with lower payload capacity and speed.
  • Starling Cargo only has one known competitor in China with lower payload capacity and speed.
  • Starling Transport has a number of well known competitors. However this is a large market, which we will only enter once our capability and reputation has been established with Starling Cargo and Starling Speed.
Starling Transport Lillium Jet Joby Aviation XTI-Trifan Vertical
Crew 1 1 1 1 1
Passenger Capacity 5 5 4 5 4
Speed (Mph) 300 186 200 345 200
Range (Miles) 800 186 150 770 120
Development stage (TRL) 4 5 6 3 2
Energy (Propulsion) Hybrid Electric Electric Hybrid Electric
Country UK Germany US US UK

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