The World's First eVTOL Aviation Innovation Village

SAMAD Aerospace Ltd introduces the first eVTOL Aviation Innovation Village in the world. This 1000 Ha Aviation Innovation Village will connect the professionals in eVTOL technology and research area.

More than 30,000 families could comfortably live in residential part of this village. All primary and recreational facilities are designated in this village. These facilities are Airport, Industrial assembly Plant, Innovation hub, Shopping malls, Hospital, Schools, Food courts and Coffee shops, Bus terminals,  Villas in two type and size, 5500 Flats in seven different sizes, Sport Centre, Game centre, Museum and cultural space, Green Spaces, Car park spaces, Cinema, Hotel, Library, Health Centre etc.

Now, by clicking the following link you may see the conceptual design of this fabulous village (About 150 Ha in phase 0):

A wonderful journey to Samad eVTOL Aviation Village is accessible through this clip: